Arcade1Up’s Street Fighter II Cabinet Has Knockout Looks, Preorders Now Live

If you’ve ever wanted to start your very own arcade at home, then now’s a good time to lock in an early order for the Capcom Street Fighter II: Champion Turbo Legacy Edition from Arcade1Up. Preorders are now live at Best Buy for the replica arcade cabinet, which doesn’t just feature an eye-catching design but also packs in some nifty technology into a frame that celebrates one of the most influential arcade games of all time.

Arcade1Up Capcom Street Fighter II: Champion Turbo Legacy Edition

This particular cabinet is inspired by Dhalsim’s fiery Yoga Flame attack, and boasts a bright red finish and nostalgic graphics. There’s space for two players to duke it out and the cabinet includes remote wi-fi online play for when you want to see how your high scores measure up to the best in the world.

If you get tired of Street Fighter, you can switch to one of the other games inside the machine, that includes King of Dragons, Progear, Battle Circuit, Super Puzzle Fighter, Saturday Night Slam Masters, Capcom Sports Club, Final Fight, Giga Wing, Captain Commando, and Armored Warriors. The cabinet also has adjustable volume, a clear deck protector, and an anti-tip strap.

Alternatively–if space is an issue–Capcom does have some terrific collections of its popular arcade games available on console and PC. Capcom Arcade Stadium was released last year, a second edition is out later this month, and Capcom Fighting Collection is a must-have for Darkstalkers fans.

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