Apple rumored plans point to multiple iPhone 14, Apple Watch, and M2 Mac models for 2022 and 2023

Rumor mill: Following Apple’s most recent WWDC, Bloomberg sources suggest the company plans to launch several new products this year and next year. Reports include information about multiple models of the iPhone 14, Apple Watch, and Mac along with other devices.

Sources have told Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman to expect Apple to launch one of its most ambitious lineups ever between now and the first half of 2023. Within that roster, months of rumor and speculation already tell us a lot about the upcoming iPhone 14, but Gurman has a few new details.

Like the iPhone 13 and 12, the iPhone 14 will come in four models – two pro variants (codenamed D73 and D74) and two non-pro variants (D27 and D28). Instead of releasing a 5.4″ iPhone 14 mini like in previous generations, Apple will produce a non-Pro model with a 6.7″ screen – the same size as earlier Pro Max phones but presumably without other Pro features. The new non-Pro phones will keep the iPhone 13’s A15 chip instead of upgrading to the Pro models’ A16.

All variants will retain the Lightning cable, though previous rumors suggest a USB-C iPhone will emerge next year. Other rumors say the iPhone 14 will feature a vastly improved 48 megapixel camera and possibly an always-on lock screen.

On top of the new M2 MacBook Pros Apple announced this month, another seven could be in the pipeline.

The M2 could also power Apple’s upcoming mixed reality headset, which other reports are calling a “game changer” when it arrives next year.

Apple may debut the M3 as early as next year in a MacBook Air.

Another new chip Apple is rumored to be developing is the S8 for upcoming Apple Watch models. It will have the same specs as the previous S7 and S6, but next year’s Apple Watches will have a new processor (supposedly the S9). However, the S8 would power a new HomePod coming next year. Nicknamed B620, its size and audio quality will be like the original HomePod, but it will include a new display and possibly multi-touch features.

Additionally, Apple is planning a new Apple TV. Codenamed J255, it will have an A14 chip compared to the 2021 model’s A12, as well as one more gigabyte of RAM.

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