Alexander McQueen Fall 2022 Menswear

Alexander McQueen presented this collection at a store appointment back on April 13, 75 days ago, before releasing these images today. It never seems logical to write a review that is going to be held for who-knows-how-long—anything could change in the meantime—which leaves the only alternative to look back at clothes that have long since receded in the experiential rearview. The collection was conceived in parallel with the pre-fall collection that was presented later but released earlier; unlike that collection there were no accompanying artworks, however.

Similarities included a fair isle knit (but monochrome) and a dress, one shouldered and purposefully crumpled, that was worn over a t-shirt and pants. On beaded suiting and Cuban heeled boots, there was also a menswear run for the initials of the McQueen showroom team and other scribbled fancies, love hearts and the like, that were reproduced in embroidered pin and crystal and also seen in pre-fall. 

Pants with in-built jacket lapel skirts, blown up heatmap decoration in vibrant colors on suiting and outerwear, graffiti jacquards, and a trench in the same crumple-treated material as the season’s man-dress were other elements that lived in the memory. McQueen’s codes remain consistent even as the chronology of its coding bends and fluctuates from season to season.

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