A 107-year-old Woman Says That Living Alone Is the Key to a Long Life

Some people preach that daily exercise and healthy eating are the key to living longer lives, but recently, a 107-year-old woman dropped some serious knowledge about how she reached her impressive age. The woman in question, Louise Signore, celebrated her 107th birthday this past weekend at the JASA Bartow Senior Center in the Bronx, and divulged her secrets: living alone and not getting married.

Louise repeated her advice to various news outlets, and it seems like she’s been doing pretty well for herself.

“What’s the best part of being 107?” an ABC7 news anchor asked.

“Not getting married,” Louise replied.

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It’s a sentiment she echoed in an interview with WCBS-TV, adding: “My sister says ‘I wish I never got married’.”

Louise is the eldest of four children, who are all still alive—and her youngest sibling is currently the ripe age of 102—so we’re guessing good genes have also played a role in her health. Besides living alone and not getting married, Louise also credits her love of dancing (and the occasional glass of red wine) to her long life. Her other advice for those that want to reach 107?

“Food and exercise,” she says. “And go to sleep at 11 o’clock.”

I don’t know about you, but I think I’ll be following Louise’s advice from now on.

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