8 Questions We Need Answered in ‘Stranger Things’ Season 5 (and the Best Theories to Go With Them)


The wait is finally over, and so are our binge-watches. Now that Stranger Things season 4 is finally complete with the release of part 2, fans have to get ready for one final battle in Hawkins that’ll certainly blow everyone’s mind. Of course, the Duffers haven’t really revealed much of what we can expect in season 5, but there are some obvious pressing questions at the end of season 4. So Duffers, if you’re reading this, we just have a couple of things we hope you keep in mind for the show’s upcoming season.

Here are all the questions we need answered in Stranger Things season 5.

So is Max dead-dead?


Eleven surprised herself (and everyone else) when she used her powers to bring Max back, but it looks like it wasn’t the fix anyone expected. While speaking on the Happy Sad Confused podcast, Matt Duffer revealed, “She’s brain-dead, but she’s alive. Brain-dead and blind,” while Ross Duffer added, “And all of her bones broken, but she’s doing great.” Does this mean Max won’t appear in season 5 while conscious? The Duffers may have other tricks up their sleeve.

Is Vecna actually gone for good?


As we already know, everything is super connected in the Upside Down thanks to the hive mind, and it has also been revealed that Vecna is the reason why the Mind Flayer exists. So if they’re connected, doesn’t this mean that Vecna is somehow also the Mind Flayer? If this is true, then this also means that Vecna is not entirely gone and they’ll have to face him again at some point.

How will Will’s connection to the Mind Flayer play in?


In the season 4 finale, Will makes it obvious that he can still sense the Mind Flayer around and it seems like that feeling has gotten worse now that an even bigger portal has opened up in town. So will the Mind Flayer try to use Will as a vessel in some way? Does he have to unlock something within himself in order to help the group in their upcoming fight? There are a lot of possibilities.

What happened to Enzo? And Owens? And Argyle and Murray??

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The two-day time jump allowed us to see so many happy reunions back in Hawkins, but we can’t help but notice there are a lot of characters still MIA. It’s likely Murray and Argyle went back to their own homes, but is Enzo also with them in America? Is he hiding from the KGB now? And what about Owens? The military surrounded the lab when they tried to capture Eleven, and it’s clear that they’re willing to do anything to get her. Did they kill him after he tried to stop them? Or are they holding him hostage for something else? @Duffer Brothers, we need to know if they’re safe.

Will Hawkins ever know that Hopper is alive?

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With El laying low while the government looks for her, it’s clear that Hopper will probably also continue hiding. But with his newfound freedom, it wouldn’t be surprising if Hopper took the opportunity to completely start over. It’s possible the town will never know he’s even alive and he can just live his life with El and Joyce by his side. Wouldn’t that be nice?

Will the Duffers finally stop killing our new favorite characters?


Listen, we get it. When there are such high stakes, as there are in Stranger Things, not everyone is going to survive. But this same idea has been repeated for the last three seasons. First, it was Bob. Then Alexei. And now Eddie. While we’re happy all the main characters have survived (sort of) to see another day, it does get a little annoying when the same trick unfolds every single season.

Will Hawkins ever know peace?


Shoutout to everyone who did not hesitate to leave the town right after the so-called earthquake. While we aren’t surprised our favorite group of Hawkins citizens decided to stay put, it does make us question whether or not everything that happened will finally end or if there will even be a Hawkins after this.

Will everyone make it out alive?

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This is it! The final season is almost here and with everything that we’ve seen, it looks like things are going to get more intense. With all the wild stuff to come, there will no doubt be casualties. So who will we have to say goodbye to for good? We’re going to have to wait to find out.

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