36 Under-$15 Products You Should Probably Just Buy Right Now Because You Deserve It, Damn It

Including ways to spoil yourself, your pets, your home, your makeup bag, and your jewelry box.

We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

1. Fine-tip panda pens who are simply adorable vessels for your bamboo-tiful penmanship.


Promising review: “Nice quality. The ink runs very smooth.” —Nivia Talanda

Get a set of two from Amazon for $3.59.

2. An exfoliating, dermaplaning touch-up razor you can use to remove dead skin and peach fuzz or even touch up your eyebrows. A whopping 116,000+ people have rated them 5 stars, so chances are you will too.

Promising review: “Super easy and satisfying to use — you’re literally scraping all of the peach fuzz and dead skin off your face. The first photo shows all of the stuff that this product took off my face, and the second two photos are the before and after I used this product. My face is glowing and incredibly soft now. Highly recommend.” —Jane

Get a pack of three from Amazon for $5.67 (or $5.39 with the Subscribe & Save option).

3. The Cat Dancer, a super-simple wire toy that every cat and owner alike will become paws-itively obsessed with. It’s the under-$2 way to get your cat to perform the most hilarious antics of their nine lives, so I suggest having a camera ready.

Promising review: “I have a whole room filled with cat toys that my cat is not interested in. It’s funny how the least expensive cat toy I have makes him go wild. He plays with this until he’s panting like a dog and I’ve never seen him jump so high. I’m certain this toy will help him lose his belly. He loves it! I highly recommend it!” —Kwoo

Get it from Amazon for $1.67.

4. A retro resin smiley face ring for the most cheerful piece of everyday jewelry you could possibly imagine. Endless compliments will literally be right at your fingertips.


This Fort Meyers, Florida–based small biz makes adorable resin jewelry!

Promising review: “I can’t get over how cute the ring is! Especially since the seller was so sweet and customized one for me. I wasn’t expecting a freebie or the cute sticker or the handwritten note! I will most definitely be buying again!” —Jessica Bonzo

Get it from Dreamin Resin Designs on Etsy for $5 (available in sizes 4–11 and 11 colors).

5. Peripera Ink Velvet lip tint, a bestselling K-beauty lip stain for a matte effect that makes a statement but is still subtle enough for every day. It just might feel better on than any other liquid lippie you’ve tried, too.

Promising review: “New holy grail lipstick! I’m not normally one to write reviews, but I’m so pleased with this product that I felt obligated to! I even came back to grab a few more colors because the price point is great! I’m obsessed with matte lipsticks! What I’m not obsessed with is how most matte lipsticks leave your lips dry, cakey, and flaky! NOT THIS ONE. The texture of this product is phenomenal! So lightweight, it barely feels like anything is on my lips when it dries. Substantially more comfortable than typical lipsticks. Instead of intensifying the cracks in my lips, it smoothed right over them. It leaves my lips looking plumped and perfectly matte. A little bit of this product goes a long way so be sure not to apply too much! I’ve found applying a dab in the center of your lips and using your finger to spread and pat around gives the best effect!  Highly recommend for anyone looking for a lightweight matte lipstick.” —kelsey

Get it from Amazon for $9.90 (available in 24 colors).

6. Glitzy celestial jackets with optional cascading stars in the back. Rock ’em with the fringe for a bold statement, or wear just the front for a simpler stud that still packs a punch. Either way, your lobes will look ~out of this world~.


Promising review: “These are absolutely beautiful, and clever with the post being falling stars. The stud sits comfortably and is lovely. Not gaudy or tacky in the least. I’m thrilled with them — and the price? If you are charmed by the picture you won’t be disappointed! They’re beautiful!” —Amyss

Get them from Amazon for $7.99+ (available in two colors).

7. The Wet n Wild MegaGlo highlighting palette, which is perfect beauty buy for anyone who’s on a budget but still wants to really ~glow~ for it.

Promising review: “Guys, this highlighter is up to par with my $30 Becca highlight. The top left shade is a total dupe for ‘Moonstone.’ The pigment is very creamy and this is not a subtle highlight. This is for my people who really want to glow. Even the greenish shade is very pretty and wearable. I like wearing the blue shade as eyeshadow for an icy ’90s vibe.” —Miranda

Get it from Amazon for $14.11.

8. A precious and ridiculously affordable cat spoon that can conveniently perch on your cup and provide a smile on mornings when you’re ~feline~ blue.

Promising review: “Love this little spoon! It fits perfectly on the edge of my coffee mug. Now I no longer have to go searching for spoon to stir my morning coffee! Since it sits on the edge of the cup, my fingers don’t get sticky from a wet handle. Plus, it’s absolutely adorable and makes me think of my own kitty while I’m away at work. This spoon has become an essential part of my morning routine.” —Brianna S

Get it from Amazon for $3.57.

9. A Revlon oil-absorbing facial roller for a reusable alternative to blotting papers that’ll get your lovely face looking marvelously matte in no time.

Promising review: “This rolling device is like pure magic. You simply roll it around your oily areas and BOOM the oil magically vanishes into the ball never to be seen again! This is an item that #TikTokMadeMeBuy for sure! You will be pleased. Thank me later. ;)” —Veronica Cooper

Get it from Amazon for $13.09.

10. A massive foot file over 10,000 reviewers think is up to the equally massive task of rescuing your crusty tootsies. I hope you stocked up on sandals and mules for this summer, because you’re gonna want to show off your baby-smooth heels.

Promising review: “I wouldn’t have believed it if I didn’t see it!!! In less than five minutes all of the dry, dead skin came off. It didn’t hurt and I didn’t need expensive paraffin treatments or foot soaks. I can’t believe I’ve struggled with dry heels for so long! Can’t express how amazing it feels to have smooth heels. Easy to use and quick!” —Teacher Mom

Get it from Amazon for $9.95.

11. A frosting spatula that’ll totally take your baking game to the next level (extra Instagram likes are basically included).

Promising review: “Wow! I’ve never owned an angled icing tool before, but everyone who makes cakes should own this! It makes icing a breeze! It saves time and makes the cake look professional by applying an even amount of icing!” —SMTWNGal

Get it from Amazon for $6.48.

12. Delightful sushi-shaped sponges you won’t be soy-rry you bought, since they’ll bring a smile to your face every time you do the dishes (no easy feat!).


Promising review: “These are so cute; if you have a sushi lover in your life, surprise them with this little gift just to let them know you are thinking of them. If you are the sushi lover, then pick up two!” —Hal Laws

Get a set of three from Amazon for $9.99 (also available in 13 other fun designs).

13. A hilarious fruit-shaped cat cap that’ll pretty much pay for itself in entertainment value with just one picture of your kitty (though you’ll be taking approximately 863).

Promising review: “I would give these 10 stars if I could, but I’m sure Freya would give it a -3. I think she looks like an angelic banana, but she is not amused. I don’t believe this causes her physical discomfort, but her self-esteem has plummeted. Long story short, makes your cat look stupid, as planned. LOL.” —Amazon Customer

Get one in a random fruit from Amazon for $8.29.

14. E.l.f.’s Poreless Putty Primer, a TikTok-beloved, vegan, and cruelty-free wonder that moisturizes and gets your skin ready for smooth and easy makeup application. It’s got over 23,000 positive ratings, so you can bet your beauty routine will never be the same.

Promising reviews: “I saw this on TikTok and for $8 thought I’d take a chance. I have sensitive skin and have to watch what I use. I LOVE this product! Goes on smooth and you don’t need to use a lot. I put it on before I put on my foundation. Makes a huge difference. Highly recommend and will buy again!!” —Leslie Mattingly

“Normally my makeup goes on great, but then once it dries it’s super crusty and shows my pores. This made everything so smooth and my skin has never looked so healthy. Even after I took my makeup off, my skin felt moisturized, which is a hard thing to do with my dry skin. I saw the hype all over social media about this primer and I never believed it, but finally decided to take the plunge and test it out and now I’ll never go without it.” —Taylor Kessinger

Get it from Amazon for $9.

15. Fun clear, waterproof playing cards that are not only great for a game of Rummy poolside, but are also super durable for any game night (especially one featuring spill-able drinks). Plus, as several reviewers mention, they’re perfect for the current pandemic era since they can be easily disinfected without damaging them!


Promising review: “My husband and I play cards together often and these are the best cards I’ve ever owned. They are waterproof, so even if we spill something they can just be washed off. They are pretty indestructible and will always stay crisp and not have bended corners like other cards that have been used a lot. They are pliable enough to make it easy for my klutzy husband to shuffle, and for me that is the best part. Even after bending sharply to shuffle the cards evenly and easily, they go right back to their shape. They can be a bit slippery but that is not a deal breaker. The numbers are a good size to see clearly. I have two decks of these cards and I do wish they came in two different colors to make separating them easier. These really are the best cards I’ve ever used and the only ones I’ll buy again.” —liz

Get them from Amazon for $5.97.

16. A low-key miraculous sink cleaner to polish all sorts of sink surfaces, from porcelain to acrylic to granite, and help eliminate stains and scuffs you had been getting the ~sinking~ feeling you were just gonna have to live with.

It’ll also create a shiny, water-repellent surface that water will just bead off. My fellow BuzzFeed Shopping editor Maitland Quitmeyer gets genuinely excited when she talks about this stuff.

Promising review: “I’ve been looking for a cleaning product that would remove the stains from my acrylic sink without damaging the surface. I FOUND IT!! This product is unbelievable. Yes, it does require an investment of time and elbow grease, but the results were amazing. It removed stains that had been in my white acrylic sink for quite some time and left the surface squeaky clean, smooth and shiny, without a scratch. If you have an acrylic sink, this is the product for you. I HIGHLY recommend it!! I’m going to try it on my mother’s enamel sink next, and definitely intend to buy Hope’s Perfect Sink again. It DOES live up to its name!!” —Beckett

Get it from Amazon for $12.29.

17. The world’s cutest contact lens travel case set, aka e-quack-tly what you need to make putting your lenses in a bit more enjoyable. This ~eggs~cellent design even has a handy little mirror inside the compact.


It comes with inner and outer cases, a travel-size bottle for solution, and mini tweezers!

Promising review: “So cute! Much bigger than I thought but still great for traveling. Cute little eye case and includes the teeniest tweezers and little tongs for your contacts! What a deal!” —CC

Get it from Amazon for $5.99.

18. A set of 20 (!!!) glam and super on-trend hair clips to help you break out of your hair rut without doing something drastic, like getting bangs.

(Disclaimer: I have bangs and probably will till I die).

Promising review: “I love these! The quality and price are amazing. I tried Target, Ulta, CosmoProf, and various other stores looking for pearl barrettes, but I either couldn’t find what I was looking for or didn’t want to pay $15 for a single clip. This set came with so many pretty, trendy, wearable styles! I will say, the barrette-style clips are larger than average, but I really liked that about them. They photograph so well. Buy them!!” —Stella

Get a set of 20 from Amazon for $8.49.

19. An absolutely brilliant reading tracker bookmark, which is pretty much a living keepsake. The adorable illustration features 50 blank book spines for you to color in and write in titles as you make your way through your reading list, and then you can save it as a permanent record of your reads.


This UK-based small business makes truly gorgeous art for book lovers!

Promising review: “I’ve been trying to get back into reading, and the urge to fill this bookmark is really making me want to read! It’s so cute, and I love how much space there is to fill.” —Kaitlyn Wells

Get it from British Book Art on Etsy for $3.16, or get a double-sided version with room for 100 books for $3.48.

20. Or a stunning, one-of-a-kind pressed flower bookmark that’s basically a piece of decor for your summer read. An Insta post of this inside a classic novel? Basically book-lover porn.


This small biz makes each one to order, and you can specify fave colors and preferences you’d like them to try to incorporate in yours.

Promising review: “Absolutely gorgeous! I asked to be surprised and told her my favorite flowers, and I’m so happy with the outcome. It brings me so much joy and her packaging is GORGEOUS!” —Cassie Johnson

Get it from Kaylie Reads on Etsy for $11.50+ (available with or without name personalization).

21. screaming goat figure, because if you don’t have one of them by now, it’s time to fix that and scream your way through life.


Honestly, this is a very, very big mood, especially these days. Just press him and he lets out a shriek! He also comes with a little book of equally delightful goat facts.

Promising review: “This is one of those things you don’t know you need in your life until you see it. Yes, it may have been a late night, altered state kind of purchase that surprised me a bit when it showed up, but it’s one of the best things that’s ever happened to me. For just a few dollars, you too can receive an informational mini-book full of goat facts to awe and impress your friends as well as a miniature screaming goat. If you’re a fan of the screaming goat videos on YouTube, this will be right up your alley. It sounds best when set on a hard surface like a table or desk, so the sound can echo. It’s just loud enough for coworkers to ask ‘did y’all just hear a screaming goat?’ Yes. Yes you did, Phil. If you’ve read this far, it’s been decided: you need this. This will be there for you longer than that dumb T-shirt you’re considering. This screaming goat will complete you. Better get one for your best friend too, while you’re at it.” —echobunny

Get it from Amazon for $9.95.

22. Colgate Keep toothbrush starter kit that’s just as affordable as a regular toothbrush but way less wasteful. It’s got an easy-to-grip, reusable aluminum handle and interchangeable heads, so it uses 80% less plastic.

The kit comes with a base and two heads.

Promising review: “I was very curious about the unique shape of this toothbrush. I bought it on a whim. I’m glad I did. The bristles are soft but still firm enough to clean well. Feels great to hold. Value is good. You can change the heads when you need/feel. It’s a great toothbrush. 10/10” —Chris

Get it from Amazon for $7.77+ (available in two colors).

23. A two-pack of reusable silicone baking mats available with or without printed-on guidelines for making perfectly sized macarons. Pricey, single-use parchment paper? I don’t know her.

Promising review: “How did I ever manage without these??? These baking mats are absolutely fantastic. The quality is superb, and SUCH a good price. I use them for just about everything I put in the oven. From oven pizzas to cookies, you name it! I also love that in addition to food sliding easily off the nonstick surface, they help protect all my baking sheets and such. It’s also super handy to just throw them in the top shelf of the dishwasher or even just wipe clean. I highly recommend these! Update: I’ve had these mats and we’ve use them almost daily for almost a year now. They still look brand new and I have had no problems with staining, melting, or the mats becoming worn. When using them, I cook most items at 375 degrees but have used them at up to 425 degrees several times with no issues so far. These things are fantastic and have paid for themselves many times over in the superior nonstick surface, ease of cleanup, and the cost of parchment paper and or/aluminum foil I used prior to discovering these.” —Jezzhani

Get them from Amazon for $13.99 (available in two styles).

24. A set of black, white, pink, and gold velvet and faux pearl headbands here to prove that making an outfit instantly glam is *totally* possible for under $10.

Promising review: “These are SOOOO cute! I wear them almost every other day! They don’t hurt my head and they are super durable! Love love love!” —Alli Fulks

Get a set of four from Amazon for $10.99.

25. A subtly Swifitian (I’m talking Taylor, not Jonathan) keyring that’s perfect for storing the keys you stole, both to the titular getaway car and the motel where you ditched Tom Hiddlest— …er, your accomplice…at the bar.


It’s from a Houston, Texas-based small biz that stocks cutesy and colorful flair. Use this to help you manifest a “Getaway Car” music video along with Reputation (Taylor’s Version) ?.

Promising review: “LOVE this keychain! It’s stylish and chic, and I love the subtle play on 13 being Taylor’s number. Cute, lightweight and easy to spot in my black hole of a purse. 10/10 in love with this.” —Jamie Kutz

Get it from Little Em Shops on Etsy for $10 (available in three colors).

26. Beyond handy grocery bag handles made for anyone who REFUSES to make multiple trips into the house with their baggage. These wonders make it possible to carry way more at once and can even hold the bags together in the back of the car so they don’t spill.

Reviewers note they can also be used with reusable bags, not just plastic, as long as the handle straps aren’t too long!

Promising review: “It usually takes me a dozen trips from my car to my house to get my groceries inside, and if I carry too many at one time, the handles cut off the circulation in my hands and arms. These special handles solved all my problems. Today, I only made three trips from the car to the house! When I had to put the bags down to open the door, these handles laid on top of the bags and I only had to grab them, instead of searching for all the plastic handles as they flopped around. Now there are no more bag marks on my wrist and my hands don’t go numb! Who would have thought that something so simple could make my life so much better?” —Rosemary Smith Dattler

Get a set of two from Amazon for $13.95.

27. A double-sided tongue scraper and brush, aka the double-duty oral hygiene gadget you never knew you needed. Buh-bye, aftertastes, I won’t miss you.

Promising review: “This is one of those tools that you don’t know you need until you actually use one. I’d never used a tongue scraper until my sister introduced me to them. Why would I need one when I use my toothbrush to scrape my tongue, right? Using this tool gets so much grime and grossness out of your mouth and tongue that you didn’t even know you had. Your mouth won’t feel clean until after you’ve used it, period.” —Katherine

Get it from Amazon for $6.39.

28. A wonderfully spoopy peekaboo black cat pendant necklace I’ve got a ~feline~ will become your new signature piece.

Promising review: “I’m shook how cute this little necklace is and the quality for how cheap it was! I love it so much I ordered another for my daughter today. ?” —Reilly

Get it from Amazon for $5.97.

29. A gluten- and cruelty-free mascara that’s only $5 — but will produce results worth a heck of a lot more than that. It’ll feel like a major upgrade even if the mascara you currently use is more expensive.

Kayla Boyd/BuzzFeed

BuzzFeed Shopping editor Kayla Boyd (whose lovely face is pictured above) says it really lives up to the hype! Check out her full Essence Lash Princess mascara review.

Promising review: “After using Lights, Camera, Lashes by Tarte for the past year, I got tired of breaking the bank over mascara. My sister suggested Essence Lash Princess False Lash Effect, and I IMMEDIATELY fell in love. It provides dramatic length and great volume. I can honestly say I can’t stop looking at my eyelashes in the mirror every single day because of how awesome they look. Also, it is very long-wearing. I go from an eight-hour work day right to the gym and sweat like wild, and this stuff doesn’t budge! I love it!!” —Carrie E Miller

Get it from Amazon for $4.99.

30. A tasseled cover-up skirt you can tie several different chic ways to complete your beach or pool look, and prevent the less chic butt-cheeks-sticking-to-pool-chairs situation.

Promising review: “Felt sexy!! It’s a short wrap, but I was able to style it several different ways. I loved it. Wasn’t too sheer, great material, and matched my bikini.” —JANIE H.

Get it from Amazon for $13.99+ (available in 34 styles, including some maxi versions).

31. An iconic “This is fine” meme Funko Pop! figure, so you and your desk decor can pay homage to the meme that never fails to make you chuckle (even if it’s in a pained, existential dread sort of way).

Promising review: “Things at work have been super stressful lately, and as a result I’ve been losing morale. This little guy makes me smile whenever I’m sitting at my desk a bit frustrated. The lettering was fine on the mug I received, and the paint seems fine. I would keep the cardboard panel with the flames on it to give it better context. I just taped the cardboard flames onto my pencil holder. Love this little guy.” —Cheryll

Get it from Amazon for $13.99.

32. CND SolarOil, a low-key magical oil here to banish brittle nails and dry cuticles for good. Nailed it!

Promising review: “I had a problem with my cuticles getting so dry that they would split sometimes, and no matter how many times I put lotion on my hands they would never get moist enough to lay flat like they’re supposed to. My nails were dry and brittle, so I’d end up with one breaking and then have to cut them all back in order to have them the same length. This oil has ended all of that. Now I have to cut them back because they seem to be growing faster. I haven’t had a nail split since the day I started using this oil. It soaks into your cuticles and nails so well. I was really good at using it every day in the beginning, but in the last week I got busy and only used it twice, so I ended up with a split cuticle. That’ll help you remember, right?!?! I got back on track these last two days, and the cuticle is healed already. That’s just how moisturizing this stuff is. I highly recommend it!” —mlasorensen

Get it from Amazon for $8.50.

33. A summery, tie-dye cat tunnel to take your kitten on a tropical playcation. It even collapses to save space once they’ve worn themselves out with their zoomies.


Promising review: “Good purchase. Super cute colors, pictures are 100% accurate, and I already knew my little fur babies loved this because I had one that they played in and tore up, so this was a nice upgrade for them!! They are obsessed!!” —Asher

Get it from Target for $12.

34. Super clever lil’ storage cups that’ll stick to your computer monitor, keep your office essentials right within reach, and free up sooooo much space on your desk for more important things, like snacks and knickknacks.


Promising review: “Amazing. Sometimes it’s an insignificant thing that makes a difference on your desk. This clears up the pen, marker, scissor clutter instantly. I put them on the top of my monitor instead but haven’t had an issue with adhesion. Would definitely buy again!!!” —Pecons

Get a set of three from Amazon for $6.39.

35. Orly’s Synthetic Symphony nail polish, which is my personal fave shade in my collection. The electric purple is sooooo cool and different for all seasons, and it goes on super well and LASTS.

Katy Herman/BuzzFeed, Orly

I’ve gotten really into at-home manis during the past year and have become an absolute Orly convert. Compared to other more “It” nail brands that begin with “O” — OPI and Olive and June? This outlasts ’em — really. Whether it’s their regular polish or their Breathable line, I find that the colors are gorgeous and rich, they go on smoothly even if you low-key suck at doing nails like I do, and they stay looking fresh for days — longer than any other polish I’ve tried. That means a lot coming from me, since I wash my hands constantly and am prone to picking at my nails and cuticles. With my track record, finding a polish that still looks pretty darn good after about a week is a massive win. The only exception to this is their glitter polish, but like, when has glitter polish ever worked well outside of a salon?? Orly’s topcoat and remover are also the best I’ve ever tried, and I love the rubbery, easy-to-grip handles on all their polish bottles. And this color in particular??? It is pretty and rocker chic and glam and quirky all at the same time (all the things a perfect shade of purple should be), and it is basically my aesthetic in a bottle. It feels really different from the myriad other purples in my collection, too, so I recommend it if you’re looking to stand out this summer.

Get it from Orly for $10.50.

36. Ogre-the-top amazing Shrek ears Croc charms that are truly an ~all star~ fashion choice. Prepare to be swamped with compliments. You’ll be so glad you (Fi)ona pair. OK, I’ll stop now.


But I will say that ♫ somebody once told me ♫ this small biz specializes in fun 3D-printed goodies.

Promising review: “AMAZING. I now have the Crocs of my dreams!!! The Shrek ears are definitely a different green than the Crocs I got (I went with the celery ones), but they complement each other so well. I’m obsessed.” —Pamela Perler

Get them from 33printslv on Etsy for $5.99.

That’s more than enough for the cat dancer, Patrick!!!


The reviews for this post have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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