31 Things From Walmart That’ll Set You Up For More Productive Days

My mom invested in a Roborock a year ago, and she LOVES her cleaning buddy, Hazel (yes, she named her robot vacuum). She’s got three different maps programmed, complete with no-go zones, and has it scheduled to vacuum the kitchen every night. The app is pretty handy, too, and will notify her when Hazel starts and finishes its route. I’m not really sure what my mom would do without Hazel…probably have dirty floors, I guess. 

Promising review:The quality of this vacuum is awesome. The lidar function makes this vacuum has excellent navigation. Suction power is strong, it can easily remove most stains on the floor. And the app is very useful. I can use the app to control my robot to any corners.” —Wenqi

Price: $359.99 (originally $599.99, also available in white)

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