27 Behind-The-Scene Moments When The “Stranger Things” Cast’s Friendships Restored Faith In Humankind

“Is Joe Keery legit?” “Too legit to quit.”


When Joe Keery answered the world’s most searched questions about him, and Gaten Matarazzo was laughing so hard he ended up on the floor in tears:


When Millie Bobby Brown showed her mad rapping skills with Nicki Minaj’s verse in the seminal classic “Monster”:


When Finn Wolfhard, Gaten Matarazzo, Caleb McLaughlin, and Noah Schnapp sang “I Want You Back” with James Corden and were absolutely showstopping:


When Maya Hawke described Sadie Sink using just emojis, and it turned out to be the most wholesome thing, like, ever:


When Noah Schnapp accidentally shared a Season 3 spoiler to a huge group of fans and then immediately was afraid he’d get in trouble:


And when he did it AGAIN for Season 4:


When David Harbour was body-shaming himself for being “too big” and Winona Ryder reprimanded him for it:


When Millie Bobby Brown ate a very, very hot chicken wing and immediately regretted her decision:


When Joe Quinn shared that he would, in fact, give Vecna a lil kiss:


When Natalia Dyer called Charlie Heaton her “friend” and then burst into laughter because they knew that WE knew they were a little bit more than “friends”:


When Joe Keery and Joe Quinn proved they have one of the sweetest bromances on set with just this ONE interaction:

Watch the whole video here:


When Jamie Campbell Bower enjoyed a lil Starbucks and answered a call as Vecna, and it was peak comedy:


When Joe Keery, Natalia Dyer, and Dacre Montgomery played with ’80s fishnets and the boys’ dirty minds just couldn’t help themselves:


When Maya Hawke was playing with these fighting puppies and said that if her divorced parents could get along, then they could too:


When Noah Schnapp answered a trivia question so, SO wrong and Gaten Matarazzo’s competitive side took center stage:


When Joe squared simultanously had their minds blown when they realized Gaten Materazzo was turning 20 years old:


When Millie Bobby Brown saved David Harbour from accidentally spoiling the Stranger Things 4 secrets to the world on Instagram Live:


When Joe Keery warmed this reporter’s freezing cold hands and we all wished we could be her:

Watch the whole video here:


When Joe Keery and Charlie Heaton gave each other a big ol’ kissy kiss in the Golden Globes elevator:


When Jamie Campbell Bower very bravely told the world just how difficult it was to pee as Vecna, and I’m so sorry for laughing but…:


When Millie Bobby Brown and Sadie Sink sang about ketchup and mustard proving that Stranger Things could be a kickin’ musical:


When Caleb McLaughlin violently blew his nose while Sadie Sink was trying to answer a question and they tried their darndest not to laugh, until the reporter actually acknowledged it:


When Joe Quinn painfully tried to say this person’s username and Maya Hawke, Natalia Dyer, and Joe Keery just sat there laughing their asses off:


When Maya Hawke jokingly teased Robin’s revenge story and it got so wild so fast, but honestly…I’d still tune in:

Watch the whole video here:


When Charlie Heaton did a *perfect* Joyce impression and everyone on set was cracking up:


When Millie Bobby Brown tried Pop Rocks for the first time, and it seemed like a VERY intense experience for her:


And finally, when Finn Wolfard answered a question about his dog and the sarcasm was so real you could TOUCH it:

Obviously, we can’t include them all, but in the comments tell us your favorite behind-the-scenes Stranger Things cast moment!

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