21 Unforgettable Characters, Traits And Toys That Shaped Aussie Culture In The ’90s


These plastic poppers, which were low-cost alternatives to recreating the suspense of a good horror movie.


This mountain of plastic, known as pogs or tazos, that you would ingest a month’s worth of sodium in a day to collect.

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“Mother, bring me more chip packets…”


This absolute Australian anthem by Vanessa Amorosi that you’d have blasting from your parent’s stereo every weekend.

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Bonus points for those who rediscovered Vanessa in their 20s and now fully appreciate her majesty in all her glory. 


This game that you played on your dad’s Nokia whenever you got the chance.

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This pinnacle of entertainment that you begged your older brother to PLEASE let you play.


These ancient relics that were your first encounter with ‘arm day.’

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Always a good workout when your parents thought a summertime road trip with no air-con was a brilliant idea. 


This musical device that constantly had you in trouble with mum.


This extensive crash course in health education.


This foolproof decision-maker that dictated all life choices, large and small.


This brilliant way to fill time in class.


This accessory that worked seamlessly with every outfit (including your school uniform).


This fail-safe beacon of graphic design to spice up any school assignment.


This absolute brain puzzler that you still ‘played’ without knowing how. The pre-internet era was truly grim, kids.


And the sheer frustration of realising, after getting home, that the last customer didn’t rewind the VHS tape as a courtesy.


This face appearing on the TV every school night.

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Ditto to this face on Saturday nights.

Nine Network

Was I the only one terrified of Ossie Ostrich? 


This reminder of when ‘Jump Rope for Heart’ visited your school and everyone became obsessed with skipping for WEEKS.

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Bonus points if you could do the criss-cross. 


This state-of-the-art security device that ensured no one could steal your library or Video Ezy membership cards.

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And finally, this money-can-buy experience that was the ultimate birthday destination.

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