18 Slip-On Sneakers You’ll Be So Grateful For Next Time You’re Running Late

You’ll be the envy of everyone at airport security.

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Unless otherwise specified, all sizes in this post are listed in women’s.

1. A pair of Blowfish Malibu sneakers available in 70 (not a typo) colors at an unbeatable price so you can fill your closet up with them without your wallet (or feet) aching afterward.

Promising review: “I was looking for an inexpensive pair of slip-on sneakers to help get me through airport security quickly and be comfortable and stylish enough for lots of city walking on my recent trip to Paris. These shoes fit the bill in spades. I love their casual vibe with the raw edges combined with their tidy profile. What knocked these out of the ballpark for me was their fit. Instead of the usual straight-ish footbed, these were narrower in the heel and wider in the toe box, which made for a slip-free fit in the former and a blister-free fit in the latter. Their moderately cushiony footbed kept me comfortable on long city walks and museum tours. I wasn’t expecting to be over the moon about a pair of sneakers at this price, but I find myself contemplating ordering a second pair to have on hand when my current ones have worn out.” —cavymadness

Get them from Amazon for $10.32+ (available in sizes 6–11 with some wide options and 

2. A sleek pair of Nike slip-on running shoes you’ll be able to slide on so quickly you won’t have time for any second thoughts about going on that jog.


Promising review: “I am not a marathon runner, but these shoes are perfect for my daily four mile runs. The comfort level is off the charts. I have high arches and these shoes are supportive. Extremely lightweight! But the very best feature for me is the no laces. They got this one right! I can’t imagine ever going back to shoe laces. These shoes are secure, yet never too tight. Lacing up shoes before a run was always a chore to get both sides just right. With these, there is no hassle. Just throw them on and go. After the run there’s no hassle trying to get the laces untied with the tight knot. And during the run there’s never a stop to tie them when they come undone. I will be buying these forever until they quit making them. Thanks, Nike!” —Nike Reviewer

Get them from Nike for $100.97+ (available in sizes 5–13 and six colors).

3. A top-selling pair of low-profile Vans slip-on sneakers that have been trendy for years for a reason. Reviewers rave about their versatile design, durability, and all-day (and night, then day again) comfort.


And here’s where you can grab a pair of iconic checkerboard slip-on sneakers, ’cause you can never have too many Vans.

Promising review: “I am IN LOVE. These are the COMFIEST pair of shoes I own. I have a problem with my ankle, which makes all my shoes incredibly uncomfortable but THESE feel amazing and are so comfy. I haven’t had an issue with my ankle since I put them on. They are so, so, so comfy and so great to have. I want to get more of them! Definitely buy because they are also great for every season, not just summer. Buy them and don’t second-guess it.” —Alicia

Get them from Vans for $60 (available in sizes 5–14.5 and 10 colors).

4. A waterproof pair of Vessi sneakers so you never have to deal with the feeling of wet socks ever again – but don’t worry, just because water can’t get in doesn’t mean they’re not breathable. The four-way-stretch knit fabric allows sweat and heat to escape so it won’t get stuffy in there.


Promising review: “I was very pleased with how well these shoes slipped onto my feet. They are so comfortable to wear and stylish too. I often stand for hours while on the job and my feet swell. I had absolutely no problem with tightness as the day wore on. I felt like I was walking on cushions. Such a nice feeling.” —Denise F.

Get them from Vessi for $140 (available in sizes 5–11, three original colors, and three limited edition colors).

5. A lightweight pair of black faux leather quilted Torrid sneakers proving you don’t need to sacrifice style for comfort. Style these gems up with a midi dress or down with some wide leg jeans and a black crop top!


Promising review: “I had these shoes on for at least eight hours and about six of those were spent walking. My feet were perfectly fine at the end of the day.” —dcnativ3

Another promising review: “Made my day when I found these! I absolutely love them. Fit is perfect! I get so many compliments. Looks great with any outfit. Dresses it up a little with jeans and a nice top, or down with leggings and a hoodie!” —dclay21

Get them from Torrid for $33.73 (originally $55.50; available in sizes 6WW–13WW).

6. An adorable pair of Asos Design slip-on canvas sneakers dotted with a citrus print destined to be the ~main squeeze~ of your footwear collection.


Promising review: “I love these shoes. They’re adorable. I usually don’t like toe wear slip-ons without socks, but these feel wonderful. I’ve even worn them to shop in, which is the ultimate comfort test for me. The price is amazing and delivery was fast.” —Verified Purchaser

Get them from Asos for $15 (available in sizes 4–13).

7. A highly rated pair of Nike slip-on sneakers for anyone who used to step on the backs of their shoes instead of fully putting them on when they were younger (@me). This stylish sneaker-mule hybrid makes it so you can easily slip ’em on totally hands-free (without misshaping your new shoes).


Promising review: “Easy like Sunday morning. Perfect slip-ons to get out the door. Comfort, style, and convenience…what more could you ask for in a shoe?” —M I

Get them from Nike for $44.97+ (available in sizes 5–12 and three colors).

And what better way to pull together your outfit than with a comfy Nike hoodie to match?

8. An eco-friendly pair of Cariuma slip-on sneakers crafted with sustainably harvested bamboo knit, recycled plastics, and sugarcane. Bonus perk: They’re machine washable! 


Promising review: “These shoes are pretty rad. I was looking for a casual shoe other than sneakers, and the IBI Slip-Ons seemed to fit the bill. I read the literature, ruminated a bit, and finally pulled the trigger and could not be happier with my purchase. The comfort is remarkable. The fit is snug, but not tight. My feet have not been sore at then end of the day after wearing these for two weeks. Highly recommend.” —Christopher Brown

Get them from Cariuma for $98 (available in sizes 5–13 and 13 colors).

9. A pair of Dr. Scholl’s platform slip-on sneakers created to cradle your feet as you wear them. With extra support and high-recovery foam, you’ll be wondering why you don’t already own seven pairs of these kicks.

Promising review: “I was recommended to buy this shoe for extra walking during lengthy vacations. My friend swore that her European vacation was a success because these shoes kept her going all day. I bought a pair and fell in love instantly. Needless to say that these are my second pair and I am considering my third already. I teach and walk all day. These shoes have taken away my dead-weight leg fatigue at the end of the day. I can go until 10 p.m. with these shoes on and not feel the heaviness, swollen, tired feet that most other shoes give me. The insoles are magical!” —Gaston & Dianna Isidron

Get them from Amazon for $19.94+ (available in sizes 6–11 and three colors).

10. A sporty yet sleek black knit Torrid slip-on sneaker so comfortable you’ll find yourself double checking that you didn’t accidentally wear clouds on your feet that day.    


Promising review: “I love these shoes. I work in retail and am on my feet all day. My feet were hurting so badly, I was close to tears. I got these shoes and my achy feet days are over. They feel like they were tailor made just for me! Grab them, you won’t be sorry!” —Beelz

Another promising review: “I am so glad I got these sneakers! I’m a dog walker so I’m on my feet all day for several hours and these are literally like walking in a cloud.” —Holly1313

Get them from Torrid for $27.72 (originally $55.50; available in sizes 6WW–13WW).

11. A machine washable Rothy’s slip-on sneaker knit from plastic bottles that reviewers say require zero break-in time and are so comfortable they basically feel like a second skin.


Promising review: “I bought these just before a big trip to NYC. I was comfortable and felt like they were the perfect addition to just about any outfit. They got really dirty but I wasn’t worried because I know Rothy’s. They washed like a dream and look brand new again. Great buy!” —Elizabeth B.

Another promising review: “I just returned from a two week trip through Europe. I walked an average of 5–7 miles daily and wore these shoes the whole time without socks. I have really bad plantar fasciitis and I could not believe the comfort I had with these shoes. Even after all that walking, no hot spots or rubbing at all. I’m blown away. Will definitely get more!” —Jimena J.

Get them from Rothy’s for $125 (available in sizes 5–13, 11 classic colors, and five seasonal colors).

12. A Skechers slip-on mule sneaker featuring a mesh upper and memory foam insole that’ll have you ditching shoelaces for good. It’s just you, your no-show socks, and your backless sneaks from here on out.

Promising review: “I LOVE these shoes. When I’m on call, I want to wear shoes I can slip on quickly if necessary. I don’t want to take time getting my shoes on and tied. Plus, I hate the way my feet feel restricted with tennis shoes. I’m a sandals-until-it-snows girl. These shoes fit perfectly, are extremely comfortable, and look very nice, as well. When wearing my scrubs, you can’t even tell they’re not tennis shoes. I will definitely remember this brand and product when these shoes eventually wear out or get disgusting from the OR. They are also very affordable. Absolutely recommend.” —Carly Blankenship

Get them from Amazon for $39.95+ (available in sizes 6–11 with wide options and 13 colors).

13. A breathable pair of Allbirds “Tree Loungers” crafted with eucalyptus tree fiber to comfortably escort you to and from all your day-to-day activities. Plus, they’re so lightweight you might even forget you’re wearing shoes at all!


Promising review: “These shoes did not disappoint! I wore them everyday while in Boston. Did a lot of walking around the city and my feet couldn’t have been happier. Highly recommend for traveling when need a good pair of walking shoes. I usually wear a size 6.5 and the size 7 in Allbirds was a perfect fit.” —Christine P.

Get them from Allbirds for $100 (available in sizes 5–11, three classic colors, and three limited edition colors).

14. A classic Toms slip-on sneaker featuring a removable OrthoLite cushioned insole (made with plant-derived and recycled materials) if you’re looking for a comfortable versatile shoe to pair with your other casual wardrobe pieces.


Promising review: “These are so, so comfy! Cute with jeans on casual days at work. Love them with leggings when running errands around town. Fit is true to size and the insides are so cushiony. —Tammy

Get them from Toms for $39.99+ (originally $59.95; available in sizes 5–12 and three colors).

15. A stylish pair of Blowfish Malibu platform slip-on sneakers with a hidden wedge if you’re looking for a lil’ height.

Note: Some reviewers suggest ordering half a size up.

Promising review: “These platform slip-on sneakers arrived as expected. Love these shoes. They’re so cute on and I get lots of compliments. They look good with a ton of outfits. I have a wide foot and wear between a 7.5 and 8. I purchased the 8 and they fit great. They feel good for walking about. I have had these platform slip-on sneakers for a month now and they are my favorite shoe. I would like to get a few more colors.” —DawnW

Get them from Amazon for $20.74+ (available in sizes 6–11 and 16 colors).

Psst, here’s where you can find even more stylish platform sneakers!

16. An ingenious pair of Nike “Easy On/Easy Off” sneakers created with hands-free convenience in mind. Just step on the tab on the back of the shoe, watch the heel pivot open, slide your foot in, and the shoe will fall back into place! Borderline magical, if you ask me.


Promising review: “So perfect I could cry. I have limited mobility in my back due to a spinal fusion and putting on shoes is the biggest pain in the you-know-what. These are the first shoes I have ever owned that I can put on without bending down, don’t slip off, and look cute. Thanks a million, Nike.” —Nike Reviewer

Get them from Nike for $120 (available in sizes 5–11 and four colors).

17. A stain- and odor-resistant pair of Thousand Fell slip-on sneakers made from recycled bottles and yoga mat insoles for you to wear over and over again – then, when you want to opt for something new, send ’em back to be recycled and you’ll get a discount on a new pair!

Thousand Fell

Promising review: “I will keep buying these. I’m onto my third pair. I wear them year around in an area with all four seasons. They’re perfect for walking in the dirt because if you get them dirty…it doesn’t matter, it wipes right off. They’re waterproof, which is my favorite part. I don’t have to always wear big rain boots. I honestly recommend them to everyone I know.” —Soimkelly

Another promising review: “I love my white slip-ons. They started out as my everyday casual wear shoes but when I started medical school I needed something easy to clean and comfortable to walk in and these have proven to be. I’m on my feet for hours and also pregnant and people ask if my feet or legs hurt and they don’t! Thanks to the great cushioning in these shoes.” —Nancy G.

Get them from Thousand Fell for $120 (available in sizes 5–10 and 12 colors).

18. And a supportive pair of Vionic slip-on sneakers complete a podiatrist-developed “Three-Zone Comfort” insole to keep your feet stable and comfortably secure while you’re out and about.

Promising review: “I was looking for a slip-on sneaker to wear around the house so I don’t have to keep tying and untying them when I want to put my feet up. I also needed a shoe with great arch support. Well, not only is this Vionic sneaker supportive, it is absolutely comfortable! I love it! I’ve worn it to run errands and it has great arch support. My only regret is I didn’t order two pairs!” —shoegirl

Get them from Amazon for $69.95 (available in sizes 6–10 with wide options and three colors).

Honestly, who doesn’t love a *quality* pair of Amazon sneakers? Here are 24 others that reviewers actually swear by.

You, every time you slip on your sneakers and head out the door in the morning:

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